Professional digital marketing tools for food delivery and sandwich shop businesses – the Selmore approach…

Reminder of our sandwich shop owner’s marketing plan…

In the previous article of this series we shared a detailed summary of our recommendation for a sandwich shop marketing plan – now to make clear the digital marketing tools to achieve this.

Whilst the campaign details are set and individual strategic elements are lined up – we are yet to divulge technical implementation.

The following are recommended digital marketing tools for food delivery businesses and sandwich shops:

[1] Digital Design and Print – Free

One of the foundation elements of your marketing strategy will be your digital design and print capabilities.

Whilst premium, industry standard software solutions come with steep learning curves and large price tags (often with ongoing subscription models), there are many equivalent open source or budget options which reduce expenses.

Our recommendation for digital design and print tools are:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • GNU Image Manipulation Program
  • Inkscape
  • VistaPrint

The combination of the above solutions bring professional standard performance, at zero (or at most a fraction of the…) cost.

They can be used to design bespoke versions of the following marketing collateral:

  • …branded website graphics
  • …hard-copy business stationery
  • …promotional graphics
  • …all templated communications
  • …cheap, high volume, print jobs delivered to your door!

You may be surprised at some of the results achieved with these relatively simple, seemingly consumer-grade tools. In our experience, most small to medium sized businesses require no more than these tools for most design related tasks.

Highly advanced graphic-based businesses like graphic designers and CAD (computer assisted design) agencies will tend to use tools like Adobe Creative Suite.

But then again, many large corporate businesses exclusively use PowerPoint for designing many types of internal and external marketing communications.

In the case of our sandwich shop owner, PowerPoint, GNU Image Manipulation Program and VistaPrint will be ample for designing our necessary brand collateral.

[2] Content Research and Development – FREE

In the process of researching and developing the written content for our marketing campaign, we use a few tools to assist us in upping the relevance of our vocabulary and including customer related keywords.

  • Google Keyword Tool
    • …an archive of Google-search derived keywords used by LIVE customers whilst seeking local sandwich shop information
  • Ubersuggest
    • …multi-source suggestions of longer, question-like phrases associated to our sandwich shop business
  • Text Mechanic
    • …easy to use internet based text manipulation software for swiftly producing area landing pages from master template

[3] Website and Content Management System – FREE (…plus hosting charge)

Developing the shop’s website in WordPress content management system grants us all kinds of digital marketing benefits.

WordPress allows us to house the masses of custom branded digital content in one easy to reach web platform and load it up into a database-powered, dynamic web interface for maximum online leverage.

User-friendliness for both front-end users (sandwich shop customers) and back-end systems administrators is a strong advantage of using WordPress.

It allows for automated and smartly engineered changes and configurations of digital marketing messages to assist the sandwich shop achieve it’s marketing goals.

The web app portal also is built using WordPress CMS which has the diversity of functionality to support both a website and web app with ease.

Plugin software like Calculated Fields Forms allows for the more specialised tasks like online calculations with form capture.

[4] eCommerce – FREE (…plus merchant fees)

Taking online payments and bookings can be performed in many ways online.

There are many 3rd party platforms available utilising a range of investment models from a one-off development fee to monthly subscription or commission-based remuneration.

WordPress based eCommerce solutions are largely headed by the widely recognised market leader, WooCommerce.

This plugin based eCommerce solution for WordPress offers a solid foundation of a platform with many, many built-in native features.

Extending WordPress further beyond these already ample technical options, is simply and effectively done with the open marketplace of add-ons for customising it’s handling to suit your type of trade.

[5] Newsletter – FREE

For planned periodic email communication with opted-in customers there are a countless options, some standalone platforms and some integrated within WordPress.

We have chosen a WordPress integrated email marketing solution called MailPoet to keep sandwich shop stakeholders engaged by email broadcast.

MailPoet offers the following benefits (not exhaustive):

  • Free for up to 2,000 recipients
  • Drag-and-drop newsletter builder
  • Send your latest blog posts out to mailing lists
  • Analytics dashboard
  • List segmentation

Take a look here for how this solution fares in comparison to the popular 3rd party email marketing solution, MailChimp.

[6] SMS Promotional Broadcasts – 1.65p per text

Send hundreds of SMS messages at one click and monitoring/tracking the responses requires specialist software.

The ability to do this all from a personal computer, laptop or tablet is made possible with TextMarketer which provides an SMS marketing dashboard for managing text-based communications campaigns.

There is a relatively low-investment barrier, with bulk text packages starting from as little as 1.65p per message.

Other advantageous features include:

  • SMS surveys
  • Incoming SMS responses
  • Shortcode SMS campaigns
  • Virtual mobile number
  • Email-2-SMS
  • Web form-2-SMS

[7] Phone Tracking – £10 per month VOIP

To keep oversight of the ROI from leads generated by the new marketing campaign vs. existing promotions, we decided on a phone tracking solution linked to web analytics. We choose TTNC as VOIP provider.

A ring-fenced telephone number is adopted for this campaign to keep all derived statistics clean cut.

Knowledge of every phone call generated from this new campaign will grant our sandwich shop owner a tight handle on campaign performance.

[8] SMS2Printer – £100.00

A GPRS/SMS printer is a neat bit of kit which will allow for any SMS orders or online orders to be instantly printed in the sandwich shop kitchen during peak hours.

This shop owner can ensure that text orders are printed instantly, with duplicate tickets produced for attaching to dispatch packages of sandwiches.

Orders made online via the WooCommerce platform also can be sent directly to the printer, which gives shop operators the ability to accept or refuse the order at the receiving terminal end depending on operational capacity or other service-based parameters.


As you can see from this round-up, for a seriously low-budget investment (at relatively negligible long term investment cost) you too could take the approach of our sandwich shop owner client for growing your food delivery business.

All of the tools above require basic level IT proficiency as pre-requisite with none requiring developer level skill to implement.

YouTube is aflood with tutorial videos for using WordPress, WooCommerce as well as the other tools if you need to be guided to use them profitably.

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