Here are the essential components of a sandwich shop marketing plan – the Selmore approach…

Reminder of our sandwich shop owner’s business goals…

Our opening background article in this series, gave us valuable insight into the commercial challenges of our sandwich shop owner.

In summary, his sandwich shop business had unexpectedly taken a stumble during the financial crash as some of his corporate lunch time customers cancelled their frequent order arrangements.

In consultation with us, we agreed to draft a marketing strategy for his food delivery and sandwich shop business.

Our aim was not only to bring his business back into clear profitability, but to also to establish a continuous pipeline of new corporate catering opportunities.

The following is our recommendation for a business-to-business sandwich delivery marketing strategy:

[1] Professional Brand and Logo Re-Draw

Whilst the shop’s brand is locally recognisable, especially with lunch time office crowds, the relative quality of brand graphics in current digital formats won’t upscale accurately.

For the purpose of reproducing the brand logo across a range of formats to suit both digital and physical formats, we performed a high-definition re-draw of the logo.

Vectorising the logo makes for readily scaleable images.

This means whatever the graphical application, the results will be an unpixelated final draft maintaining the picture quality. This keeps the brand reputation consistent.

[2] Content Management Website

As a online anchor for all online marketing, we advise upgrading the business website to a content management system (CMS).

Ongoing, we recommend that the business invest in online marketing campaigns to answer the common queries and questions of customers…both individuals and business buyers.

A solid industry standard CMS like WordPress is highly recommended, for ease of use and integrity of functioning to make drafting and publishing of content most efficient.

A subdomain will be utilised as an express online ordering web app for all existing corporate customers to place same day kitchen orders for urgent turnaround.

[3] eCommerce and Online Ordering

The business has experienced difficulty in picking up payments from regular platter order customers, using bank transfer as preferred means of receipt.

We figured integrating eCommerce functionality into the CMS driven website would provide a neat and easy method for customers to settle payment with the sandwich shop.

The prices presented will be for packages, plus add-on prices for individual items to complement. The online payment facility will give the option to pay by credit card, debit card or merchant transfer, like Paypal.

Online orders are usually sent from online ordering systems to a dedicated email inbox, but in this case we recommend sending orders direct to the kitchen for printing immediately on an SMS2Printer.

The advantage of using this SMS2Printer set-up by our sandwich shop owner is that he would receive online orders instantly to his kitchen which could be prepared for delivery/dispatch within minutes.

The printer avoids the requirement of a personal computer, laptop or tablet to receive orders.

[4] Niche Blog Articles

Whilst corporate sandwich bookings are the staple requirement for this turn around strategy, we are not ignoring niche sandwich delivery requirements.

The likes of film set catering and picnic catering are two niches which, due to the location of his shop might prove profitable with focused campaigns.

These niche topics are not quite solid enough features to place within the core navigation of the website. Instead, we will seek the use of a blog to inject some diversity of subject matter.

[5] Area Based Landing Pages

The geographic region where our sandwich shop owner’s premises is located is filled with many market towns and a few cities.

Each of those settlements hosts it’s compliment of business offices, some more concentrated than others having business parks or enterprise centres.

We recommend creating area specific landing pages on his business website, with localised content for the purpose of lead generation.

[6] Menu Price-list

We plan to design a comprehensive price-list, complete with shop contact details and instructions on how to place an order for either delivery or collection.

The menu ought to be downloadable and designed for reading either on screen or printed on paper.

[7] Branded Business Stationery

The business is in need of bespoke branded stationery which will compliment their newly improved digital marketing communications.

Business cards, flyers, brochures, sales sheets etc. are all in need of an overhaul for consistent presentation and effective communication.

Essentially, every letter or hard copy communication, even invoices, are an opportunity for this sandwich shop  owner’s business to communicate benefit to customers.

Message reinforcement in the marketing sense adds asset value to a brand, but it requires consistency of application.

Point-of-sale marketing collateral (like pens, pencils etc.) encourages office workers to take the brand with them, further expanding the reach of his sandwich shop business among local offices.

[8] SMS Broadcast Promotion

Timeliness is a key feature of the effective running of our client’s sandwich shop business.

Catering to the peak time luncheon crowds, within such a restricted window of time demands agility and responsiveness.

Whilst his business offers a cheerful personal touch and heartier portions than the generic local chain stores, he will suffer attrition if he neglects to communicate care and value.

Preempting the peak-time rush with occasional bulk SMS reminders on favourites, price promotions, or new menu items we hope will keep the footfall pouring in and office orders continuing.

[9] Custom Web Banner for Online Advertising

We recommend leveraging on local business relationships for the growth of website traffic referral, offering service benefits in exchange for hosting a custom branded web banner.

As an HTML-linked image banner. this widget will sit in discrete areas of corporate customer websites – received in exchange for price discounts against online orders.

This effort we hope will raise brand recognition locally and also become a source of referral visits from businesses and individuals.

[10] Email Marketing & Newsletter Templates

We recommend our sandwich shop owner opting-in his corporate decision makers to a B2B email newsletter, featuring:

  • …buying experiences of various customers
  • …interviews with buyers
  • …cost saving tips
  • …budgeting advice
  • …marketing techniques and;
  • …management processes

These emails will be written by a hired content writer who will be put to the task of lining 52x unique 300+ word articles for weekly distribution across a 12 month period.

The idea is to share useful business related insights with local business customers as relevant, bitesized, digests for occupying rest periods at their desks.

Each email will be HTML-code based and custom branded.

[11] Customer Feedback Survey

We recommend attaching a comprehensive customer feedback survey covering all elements of product and service with every monthly account summary.

The survey and account summary will be emailed in digital format with automated notifications on submission of entry.

The survey will close the communications loop, with contributing customers informing the our sandwich shop owner of their assessment on service, product and sharing any ideas for improvements.

We expect that if the uptake is significant that the responses will offer much scope for making profitable changes to the business.

Successful submission of the survey would result in a complimentary tray of ‘new menu’ tasters being delivered once a quarter for feedback.

[12] Online Budgeting Calculator

To assist new or existing corporate customers with planning catering budget on prospective orders, we advise making available an online order calculator.

This calculator will provide budgetary oversight over all the menu options and provide an accurate read out of prospective cost and lead-time.


The bottom line of this marketing campaign for our sandwich shop owner client is to replace the much needed loss of profitability, through the acquisition of regular corporate buffet orders.

A pipeline of new corporate customer contacts is required to diversify the range of buffet ordering customers. This campaign is geared to this end.

The broader the spread of trading profits across customer accounts, the less exposure to loss his business would be should natural attrition occur.

Take a closer look at the technical tools which we plan to utilise in implementing this marketing plan…

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