How To Boost Holiday Home Bookings?

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See how we helped a holiday home owner boost their bookings & occupy their property in both on and off season:

Meet our holiday home owner…

In 2016, Selmore were delighted to meet a husband and wife team who own and run a small collection of holiday homes within a secluded cliff-top location on holiday centre grounds.

Checking In

This holiday home owner had purchased three holiday homes only 12 months before we met them. The properties are leasehold units on freehold land which was going through a prolonged receivership process.

The location of the properties is in a prime point of vantage for views and accessibility to the local tourist amenities.

They invested in the renovation of the properties according to a distinctive aesthetic theme which would cause visitors to the holiday centre by observation alone to recognise their common ownership.

Open Season

Our relatively new holiday property owners, got to marketing their investments primarily by 3rd party online bookings portals. This offered them an opportunity to tap directly into a ready made stream of bookings opportunities.

Their work to differentiate the appearance of their properties seemed to pay off with some early enquiries.

As far as proprietary marketing materials, they invested in a static brochure business website with a web designer.

They had no business logo or bespoke branding so simply opted for the spelling out of their trading name in a consistent font on stationery and the website.

Customer communications were simplified and again unbranded.

With their first peak season underway, and seeing the delighted reaction of guests staying at their newly renovated properties, our holiday home owners saw opportunity to invest in stronger collateral for increased sales.

Proprietary Ownership

When meeting with our holiday home owners, one of the main problems we identified when planning their ongoing marketing strategy was to return proprietary ownership of their most profitable marketing assets back into their hands.

Website ownership/hosting

We found early on that their existing website (designed by a freelance developer) was hosted with the original designer, who also charged them a fee for content changes.


The existing branding was not intentional, but rather what came with the website.

It was out of sync with the aesthetic of the physical holiday home assets and therefore wasn’t able to effectively communicate the value proposition of the business.


We worked with our clients closely to gain access to the properties and take top quality photographs of the properties for the prospective guest’s benefit when publishing details online.

Bookings Conversion

The original website had little or no search engine optimization implemented leaving the owners with no potential for online return on investment via organic search.

The only web traffic seemed to come by referral from the online travel agency (OTA) websites like HomeAway.

It seemed prospective guests finding our client’s holiday homes via the OTA website would then search via Google¬† for the business name, in order to have a first hand examination of their host’s in-house marketing presentation.

Whilst the website was in it’s old iteration, they were converting zero direct booking enquiries.

Where Selmore Stepped In…

Having seen the efforts which the owners had made to the customising of what would otherwise be a vanilla bland accommodation space, we were determined to translate this effort within their marketing collateral.

The starting point was their branding and then afterwards their website.

Brand identity

We begun with producing a distinctive brand identity which put first the uniqueness of the customised holiday home experience that awaits their guests.

We developed a collage incorporating various local iconic highlights on a digital sketchpad and shared our ideas alongside an early formulation of our recommended slant for an appropriate brand identity.

A single meeting with our new clients sealed their interest in our recommendation.

This granted us great confidence and license to really throw everything we had a the remaining task of redeveloping them a winning lead generating holiday home web presence.

Holiday home bookings website

We were encouraged to play to strengths in this project and really went for a high impact visual to immediately bring each prospect into the holiday home experience provided by our clients.

We highly customised the on-page assets to give the assurance of establishment with every message, yet with a personable, family-friendly feel.

Integrated within the website were the customer reviews from previous guests adding social approval to a well oiled onsite sales funnel.

The booking form was simple and easy – leaving a frictionless journey to enquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions were peppered throughout to assist prospective guests in the decision making process adding acceleration to booking conversions.

The site is mobile-friendly and handles responsively on many devices, browsers and screen resolutions.

We wired up all of the automated e-communications to land in the inbox of our clients, complete with all necessary immediacy and detail for following up successfully with a sales call.

This was all delivered within 8 weeks – yet would have been completed within half time if photographs were already prepared.

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