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Payment Per Lead


Our lead generation service holds no start up fees or complicated pricing. We simply charge you for each individual lead you request. This allows you to manage budgeting more tightly.

Customer Profiling


Before each lead generation campaign you pre-determine what the profile of the prospective customers should be down to the finest detail. No surprises, only receive enquiries which match your strategy.

Phone Verified Leads


Before we pass on each sales lead to you by email, we ensure that the phone number connects to the named contact specified on the enquiry. This way you get what you paid for.

Pre-Purchase Preview


Before buying the leads we offer you full sight of the entire enquiry details, only annoymising until payment is made. This enables you to make best judgement on value for money before investing.

No Obligation


From the outset, you are not obligated to do business with us. If you find what we do to be valuable, we know you’ll be back so we rest in the doing well rather than in the contracted terms and conditions.

New Leads Everytime


We never recycle leads or data. This defeats the point. A sales lead must be timely. IF the moment of interest or need has passed, so has the value of the opportunity. Hence why we offer only new leads.

Account Management


Your new business needs change from time to time. We want to ensure that our service it flexible to accommodate exactly what you might need in leads at any given time. An account manager will help you with this.

Leads On The Go


Your leads will be emailed to you. All you need is a smart phone to collect the details on the go, enabling you to make the most of timeliness and immediacy of response for optimal sales conversion rate.

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“What should I expect from these sales leads?”

  • Payment Per Lead
  • Customer Profiling
  • Phone Verified Leads
  • Pre-Purchase Preview
  • No Obligation
  • New Leads Everytime
  • Account Management
  • Pick Up Leads On The Go

“What makes Selmore capable of getting quality leads?”

  • Over 7 Years In Lead Generation
  • B2B and B2C Sales Experience
  • Multi-Industry Business Experience
  • Market Leading Digital Presentation Skills
  • Many Successful Campaigns Under Belt
  • Many Reviews
  • Comprehensive Means and Methods
  • Our Only Business Is Lead Generation

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you give refunds?

We offer only leads which match your prescribed requirement. As you only pay for leads once you have read the preview of the requirement, we offer no refunds. Maintaining quality is far greater to us than considering refunds.

Do You limit the volume of leads?

No. There is no arbitrary limit the number of leads you can request. We exhaust every possible method for meeting your sales targets and will not be limited. We audit effectiveness continually to adjust for best results.

Is there a contract? Am I obligated?

NO, emphatically to both! There is no contract, no minimum duration, no auto-renewals, no penalties, no direct debits, no VAT, no hidden costs or fees.