Selmore’s take on key small business owner skills to have mastery over in this age.

A well balanced small business owner skills mix can make all the difference to keeping an even keel.

Ability is critical to achievement. Whilst we each have several competencies, the question remains “are they complimentary to you achieving your planned end goal?

As a small business owner, the bottom line pursuit is satisfying customers with all you’ve got. The smarts in it is doing this at a level of profit which affords sustainable excellence for the long term.

So, what today is the ideal small business owner skills mix to position yourself best to succeed?

Whilst we accept there is far more to it than the following points in running a business, we highlight these as prerequisite small business owner skills applicable to any industry, therefore making this article a relevant read for most:

Copy writing

Written articulation is highly valuable.

The skill of engaging a readership with written copy, tailor made to implant a message in the minds of recipients is a priceless commercial advantage in this day and age.

Whether using digital or traditional media to convey, the composition of important messages for the sowing of promotional seeds,  can turn otherwise cost prohibitive projects into high-potential possibilities.

Outsourcing good copy writing can accrue heavy cost for content intensive campaigns.

With content marketing being touted as the most impactful form of digital marketing today, it would be a real benefit for you to draft your own copy.

Sales Qualification

Sales qualification is a little known technique used by novice and advanced sales professionals alike.

The idea is that anyone is a suspect (potential prospective customer to your business) therefore your conversations should always be geared with whoever you meet in business to elicit their need for potentially using your product or service.

The key with this technique is not to probe intrusively, but to naturally discuss subject matter critical to assessing their readiness to invest in your business within conversational flow. Don’t contrive.

The end result is a constant build-up of business sales leads for your customer relationship database, which increases with every conversation you have with colleagues, or friends.

Proposal Drafting

Learn to draft a persuasive proposal and this could increase your close rate on sales by 60%+.

Articulating your winning concept for improving your customers’ situation in written format is a valuable skill for turning their attention to see the advantages in working with you.

Once they see things the way you do, or the way you could make it for them, this is the beginning of a dialogue which should they be willing, could mature into long term profitability.

Once they understand the basis of what you are offering, your job from then is simply to align the value proposition which best matches their available budget. If you repeat this time and time again, each business relationship could enter into recurring profitability.

Managing remote contractors and freelancers

With all the multitasking that small business owners are expected to undertake nowadays, the SMB owner who has mastered the skill of bringing together an exceptional multidisciplinary team of freelancers to effect their vision is on to a winner.

Having depth and breadth of knowledge across a range of topics, enough to effectively line manage a freelancer remotely will ensure you get the best value out of your new outsourced worker.

Project management proficiency will help you steward the resources of time, cost and personnel to great effect.

Templates helping you account for productivity of freelancers will assist with maintaining visibility of their performance.

Strategy Development

Drafting your thoughts strategically will be valuable to you.

Having a head for developing written plans with the purpose to score goals will help you keep the direction of your business fixed on success.

Combining the winning ingredients together on paper, having respect unto short, medium and long term goals will serve to align your focus on what really matters.

The resulting strategy will be the governance for all decision making ongoing, ensuring all activities are compounding your progress, not confounding it.

Corporate Presentation

Effective presentation skills can make a long lasting positive impression upon a targeted audience, which coupled with a potent commercial message can translate into much realised profitability.

This can be the key game changer in successful b2b business development campaigns – showcasing your ability to solve the problems of your prospects.


A large part of relating to others is communication.

Speaking well, listening to to others, having attention to detail, being observant for nuances and subtleties in behaviour, all contribute to the complex orchestration of communication – both for good and for bad.

What do you make of these small business owner skill?

Join the conversation below.

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