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Small business tips by experts who have experienced some real life lessons

In the world of entrepreneurism and high flying exploits, grass roots, tried and tested small business tips are quite refreshing.

This is what we aim to present to you here in this blog.

We’ve been consulting for 7 years now on marketing to small business owners. Whilst this does not qualify us to tell anyone what to do with their marketing, it gives us a basis for what we say. For it’s worth.

These tips are garnered from successes and mistakes. If we share, we hope to pass on the benefit.

Qualitative and quantitative expressions will help you, as best as possible, get into the scene of what we present.

With diligent reference to named tools, resources and other blogs which we have read we seek to give you direct benefit of source, rather than hearsay.

Take your time to comb through the archives and feel free to comment as you go along.

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