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Featured Small Business Profit Tips   

Expert Small Business Profit Tips


Small business profit tips from professionals who are familiar with the sting of making losses

How much can you really read into small business profit tips online?

Our advice is, take them as only stories. Too many variables involved to make every small biz anecdote apply to your personal circumstance.

But the only way you are going to really know is to go on your own journey and then you’ll have some stories of your own.

Accountants often have masses of profit related small business advice. As part of their support function they often help with advice on staying afloat.

Where you have serial start-up experiences like us, you also might have seen enough to know what to look out for.

Either way, there’s probably no right way to be profitable, other than to do what you do best in service to customers and consistently so.

Being mindful of minimising expenses and keeping prices equal and just with customers are generally sound principles.

It can be very easy to spend carelessly and to make your customers pay for it. However, in the long run many burnout their longevity this way.

Myopic management leads to dead ends.


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