In 10 years of running b2b and b2c website lead generation campaigns, I’ve learned 1 priceless lesson.

Quality leads make all the difference. To get quality you’ve got to put out quality.

A big part of that equation is presentation. It’s got to look to the part to get traction.

The first thing your customer sees is the brand. It’s got to communicate immediately with what THEY identify with being the solution.

Your 10 secret weapons in this area are the:

  1. solid logo
  2. complementary colour scheme
  3. professional page design and arrangement
  4. demonstration of expertise
  5. fluent conversation
  6. value-adding images
  7. simple web content navigation
  8. a sensible ‘next step’
  9. ease of getting in touch
  10. direct the reader

When starting out, my budget was zero –  so I had to man all the stations myself.

Part web-developer, part content-writer, part graphic-designer…you name it, I had (to have) it covered.

The pros?

I learned lots and save even MORE.

The cons?

The learning curve was excruciatingly slow.

But as I said at the start, after 10 years – I learned a priceless lesson.

Anyone can generate web leads, but not many can convert QUALITY web leads.

Over the last decade, I must have generated close to 100,000 web leads for a variety of business.

My clients spanned all sorts of niches: event catering, housebuilders, car valeting companies, software vendors etc…

Most of them wanted new business identities which gave me Carte Blanche to build it from the ground up.

The others had a brand identity, website etc. and so I was building on their foundation.

In all honesty, either worked for me.

But having the liberty to produce something unique was where I drew the line.

The campaigns I ran generated significant additional business income for my clients.

And quite quickly.

All because they generated quality leads.

And quality leads = profitable sales.

How did I do it?


(Those 10 points above are the key ingredients.)

Show the prospect just what they want to find.

Zero friction.

High lead conversion rate.

End of story?

Not quite.

You need sales. So you need to substantiate your presentation.

No fluff, no filler, no faking.

Lead generation and sales are twinned. One without the other is pointless.

The clients that had the best ROI on campaigns got this down to a ‘T’.

They got the best results and rewards for their investment with me.

What did that look like in real terms?

  • Some ‘U’-turned out of insolvency and exited with a profitable sale.
  • Others multiplied their business income
  • One had the necessary success to plan franchising

What are your plans or experience with website lead generation?

Whatever your ambition with getting leads online, whether b2b or b2c, you’ll need to nail your presentation.

Go back through those 10 points above and invest your time to working at getting them spot on.

They’re sure to pay you (and your clients) back many times over.