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The #1 Way To Close A Lead Generation Client In 3 minutes

Are you looking to close more lead generation clients?

This is the quickest I’ve seen it done in 10 years.


I called a city-based sandwich catering contact of mine that I hadn’t spoken to for 4 years.

Last I heard, he was looking for more corporate catering bookings in his region.

Little did I know that the phone call was right on time.

It was around the time of the credit crunch and business platter bookings had dropped considerably.

Cash flow was low, savings were being used up and credit was the only outlet. Default was looming and insolvency a near miss.

I called first thing (for me – which is actually quite late for a sandwich shop owner.)

The Warm Up

He happened to pick up right away.

When I spoke and introduced who it was, he said:

“I can’t believe you got through to me…I almost never answer my phone on the shop floor.”

I proceeded to ask him directly if he was still looking for corporate catering bookings…

He affirmed confidently.

I said I’d need 15 minutes to show him something (by phone) that is very likely to work for him.

He instantly gave me a time to call him back.

So I did.

The Sales Call

On my follow up, I opened with:

“Do you have access to the internet?”

He said,

“I’m on it right now, actually…what do you want me to do?”

The Demo

I replied,

“Type into Google ‘buffet catering’ followed by your ideal sales territory…”

He did so, and the Google search results page came up.

He said, “…what now?”

I said, “What do you see?”

(He began to read out the results.)

As soon as he read the #1 spot,

I said, “Stop. And now click on the link and look at the foot credit.”

He saw my company ID.

I then said, “Why don’t you try another territory.”

He did.

He said, “…that’s you again at no.1”

(I’m now 2 for 2.)

He took the lead this time and tried once more.

And yet again, proof.

The Close (…he closed me.)

The next thing he said to me was,

“How much will you charge me for his AND how long will it take you to do it for me?”

And there you have it,

A new lead generation client sold in 3 minutes flat.

(I wish in a way, that they were all like that. They’re not. But I learned from this that more could be closed this way with a ‘demo’).