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Lead Generation WordPress Theme: Genesis Framework

It’s just so modular.

The Genesis Framework is without a doubt – in my experience – the best lead generation WordPress theme.

Here’s why…

For serious online lead-gen builders, you need a framework and not a theme.

The tool you use has got to have architecture.

Online lead-gen is a technical discipline at heart, after all.]

Sure it has its artistic flair, but the nuts and bolts are what really makes it tick.

You need a tool that technically calls all the shots. And more.

This is why I personally recommend getting a copy of the Genesis Framework for WordPress.

I’ve used a number of themes over the years and all have generated results at the front end.

For example:

SEO Design Framework

Small Biz Theme by Expand2Web

In short, they were solid enough, did the job – but as my design and development demands matured – I needed more.

Another, failing of these themes was abandonment.

(Not web visitor abandonment, but business abandonment.)

Therefore my advice would always be to invest in a lead generation WordPress theme that has stood the test of time.

That way you’ll know they’re likely to be there to support your efforts for years to come.

In fact, Genesis Framework founder Brian Gardner has since exited the business, however with all market leading products and brands they are snapped up immediately.

The current owners WPEngine are one of the market’s leading WordPress specialist hosting companies.

So strategically, I suppose it made sense.

But even now, the archive of child themes for Genesis has been timelessly preserved.

More than that…extended.

And the source code continues to be pruned and excelled upon.

The clincher however is it’s organisation and customisability as a theme.

Developers love it.

(Saving time, money and blushes.)

Leading WordPress developers have based successful businesses off the back of Genesis Framework for 15+ years, like Bill Erickson.

In my own personal experience, I’ve probably used Genesis Framework now extensively on most of my web projects for about 5 years.

Like I said, it’s modular. Which is great for replicating similar themes of site – which is often the case with lead generation websites.

So, when you build, everything kind of falls right into place.

Their unique system of hooks and filters means all key functional areas of sites you build are immediately brought under your control.

It’s like a mapping system for isolating individual landmarks in the functioning of a website.

However, it is all coded, I must warn. But made VERY simple. A learning curve to begin with, but flattens out considerably with time.

(For a codeless work around, try a plugin like Genesis Blox. Used it for years – rock solid & free)

Why this helps?

Take these as examples,

Want to add a call to action bar above the header? Simple, with Genesis.

Want to add a lead bait offer at he end of every post in a certain category? Again, Genesis Framework is your answer.

Want to clear out all sidebars and keep your audiences attention purely on your great content? Genesis Framework is the original no sidebars WordPress theme.

In fact, it’s actually way more than just a theme.

It helps you build themes. And in the head-to-head battles of lead generation, this is a vital weapon to have in your array.

Over the years I’ve developed many child themes and as a self-professed non-coder (but able theme tweaker) – Genesis Framework has made many leaps and bounds possible.

Suffice to say, if you are wanting to get into lead generation. Or are in the trade already and want a WP theme recco – my money is on StudioPress’s Genesis Framework (and has been for years).

*Note: StudioPress recently announced a top piece of WP news. Genesis Framework which until now has been pitched at $59.95 will be FREE for all-comers from June 8th 2021 onwards. With it you’ll get the Sample child theme to get you started.

My advice, wait until June 8th 2021 and get a copy.

Some useful Genesis Framework customization resources to help you get best results:

Bill Erickson Blog

Sridhar Katakam Blog Genesis Child Themes

Enjoy Genesis Framework.