Above the line

What is above the line?

‘Above the line’, in a traditional marketing sense, describes one-to-many broadcast advertising channels.

Examples of ‘above the line’ advertisement channels include:

  • television
  • radio
  • internet

The techniques used here rely heavily on large broadcasted messages reaching the masses.

A kind of flooding the marketplace with a wide presence.

Why is ‘above the line’ advertisement important?

‘Above the line’ advertisement is thought to increase general market awareness for brands.

Marketing professionals know that business communication is a form of teaching.

And as we can remember from our academic days, nothing works better for getting a message to stick than repetition.

Above the line campaigns do exactly this.

They saturate the audience.

Such campaigns make sure that rarely a moment goes by without the target audience being reminded of the advertiser’s brand.

This keeps the advertiser’s products/services and value proposition top of mind.

Think of above the line advertisement as a constant baseline of highly visible marketing communications.

A bit like a pulse.

The purpose?

To make sure the target audience is always conscious of the advertiser’s offering, ready to revisit & consider the investment opportunity.

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