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Introducing How To Start A Small Business

The process of successfully starting a small business will involve you taking a business idea from concept to producing a profitable return on your investment.

The general steps to start up look like this:

  • shortlisting potential business ideas
  • selecting the best fit option
  • researching to identify a gap where prospective customers are under-served
  • evaluating the feasibility of you starting a business that could sustainably plug in the gap
  • proposing a suitable business based on your evaluation
  • planning exactly how you would prepare to start and launch this business
  • managing and controlling the process of implementing your business plan
  • tracking, reporting and making improvements on performance to reach ROI

To prepare a new business for success takes expertise.

This doesn’t mean academic qualification, but it does mean having a practised and proven approach.

Here’s my blueprint:

  • Selecting the right business
  • Planning your business
  • Controlling the launch of your business
  • Managing your business
  • Growing your business
  • Exiting your business

This guide is a strategy book, filled with tips that will give you the edge.

I’m not telling you how to start a business, I am showing you how to do it.

Lots of personal experiences, quotes, examples etc.

40,000 hours of experience brought to you in a series of articles in this expert playbook.

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