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How To Start A Small Business in 2022

Starting a small business successfully requires good business counsel.

You need to ask tough questions of someone who has the benefit of hindsight and success.

Meet Selmore, your small business start up coach…

This is a practical guide to starting a small business in 2022.

It’s an expert step-by-step approach to going from the kitchen table to trading – in only a matter of weeks.

Getting into business for the first time?

Or have you been there and done that but want the edge this time?

This tutorial is easy to follow, all action and written entirely from experience.

How To Start a Small Business in 2022

Before you invest in anything – it’s worth knowing facts. The same applies to reading guides like this – to avoid potential time waste, I want to give you some background.

Who wrote this guide?

I’m Selmore, a small business marketing professional with 10 years freelance experience helping many start-ups realise the dream.

I have a MSc. in Marketing Management (2004).

My time in the corporate world featured managerial roles with leading private and public institutions.

Business development is my niche.

I have experience in:

  • retail financial investments,
  • corporate best practice,
  • business foreign exchange

In 2011, I went freelance.

Over the years, I’ve had clients from the following industries:

  • event equipment hire
  • mobile car valeting
  • EPoS software
  • outdoor catering
  • carpet installation
  • house building

…and a few more.

On average, I work with my clients for 3+ years and bring them +1,000% ROI.

What you can expect to get from reading this guide

My journey with each business owner began when they came to me to answer a business question they couldn’t resolve.

Presented in different ways, the underlying request from each client was actually the same at the root.

They wanted to sell more and get more leads.

Through working with me on a bespoke turn around business growth program, they successfully:

  • launch and grow a profitable start up from scratch (earning a full-time wage)
  • turn around a loss making business to taking early retirement
  • launch multiple profitable start-ups from a singe idea within 2 years

So, if you want quick start up results then these proven strategies are unmissable.

What is my approach to small business start up?

My speciality is bootstrapping by bricolage.

In other words, making the most of what you DO have in order to start, launch, grow and exit profitably.

Why did I write this guide?

At the time of writing this article, when I typed “Start a business” into Google Search, the 1st page Top 10 results are written by the Editorial Staff of:

  • Software vendors
  • Governmental offices
  • Content Hubs
  • Magazines
  • Insurance Brokers
  • National Newspapers

And going by the common job description of a Content Writer: proven business start up experience is neither an essential nor desirable requirement.

So, at best what you’ll get from these posts (.gov domains being the pick of the bunch) is an informed advisory opinion.

At worst, a compilation of what other fellow content writers dreamt up.

So, it’s my intention with this guide to ‘trump‘ (…and yes, that word always means best – even outside of the business world…) all other efforts out there.


By simply speaking what I know, not what I’ve read.

From me to you

‘Selmore…Get More Leads’ is my 15th small business venture. You might say I’m a serial micro-entrepreneur.

I’ve done everything from importing mobile hand washers and designer workwear to selling business leads.

And now, I plan within this series of articles to transfer the value of my experience to you.

I’ve hustled a lot and learned A-Z grassroots lessons and many more to learn.

What I’ve gained so far – is freely yours. And whatever else I come across will be shared as we walk together.

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