Top 6 Wireless Headsets For Desk Phones 2022

Are you thinking of buying a wireless headset for your desk phone?

Wireless headsets are a go-to solution for home workers, call centre agents and general office use. They offer mobility, whilst keeping you connected to the telephone to pick up those all important business calls.

Plus, they’re great for minimising ‘cable-chaos’ at your desk.

I was recently listening to some experienced wireless headset users on share their experiences with newbies.

What I discovered will definitely help you make the right purchase decision.

Before I give you a sample of the actual conversations – I’ve  summarised the key points below:

6 key considerations when choosing wireless headsets for desk phones

  1. Be prepared to pay over £100 for a quality wireless headset product.
  2. Wireless capability is dependant on battery life (you may have to charge the headset during lunch if you intend to use it all day).
  3. Some wireless headsets have an unstable or loose docking fit when they are returned to the base unit.
  4. Hookswitch lets you answer calls via the headset alone, without having to touch the base unit. Essential if you have an auto-connecting phone and expect to drift away from your desk during the day.
  5. With certain headsets, agents can even pick up calls on other floors of their office building. Operating ranges typically sit between 100-300 metres in distance from the base unit.
  6. Some active noise cancellation can stimulate vertigo with prone users.
  1. Plantronics
  2. Jabra
  3. Polycom
  1. Plantronics CS510
  2. Plantronics CS55
  3. Jabra 9465
  4. Jabra 9450
  5. Plantronics Savi 700
  6. Jabra Pro 920 DUO + Jabra Link 14201

User Reviews & Commentary

Here are the threads that helped me pull the above research together.

If you’re still undecided on a wireless headset, I highly recommend reading these reddit chats – they’re a wealth of common sense and technical advice on the topic.

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